Dedicated to Ammi n all the buzurg (elderly) of our family.❤

“Decipher ”

I’d love to
Read the stories
Engraved in the wrinkles
Around your eyes
And your laugh lines.
I’d love to
Decode the toil
You have endured
Speaking volumes
On your callous hands.
I’d love to decipher
The pain in your old weary eyes.
I’d love to pray
And ease your
Years of hard work
In concealing
All of the encoded mysteries
Of your tired, sage soul.

Dr Hafsa Siddiqui



Can you see
Your face
In my eyes?
Can you see
What you really
Are capable of
Through my eyes?
Can you hear
The whispers
Of your soul
In my heart beat?
Can you hear
The prayers
For you
The day
And night?
Can you wake up
And see the halo
Shining above your
Can you see
What I see in you,
My guided lamb?

Dr Hafsa Siddiqui.


Ajj phir
Woh khamosh sham hai
Raat ki tareeki mein
Subah ka Intezar hai
Lamhey badaltey hein
Deepp dil mein jaltey hein
Kubb woh garrhi ayyee gi
Jubb dil ki kahani
Lafzon se waa’ hogi
Shayad ussey fikr hi nahi
Shayad ussey Khabarr hi nahi.
Saa’aton ka guzarna
Kitna mushkil hota hai
Jubb koi dil mein chupa hota hai.

Dr Hafsa Siddiqui.textgram_1490680203