The One


“The One ”

Remember him(RA)
Who when laid
On burning stones
Lovingly invoked
“Ahadun, Ahadun”
(The Only One,
The Only One)…?

Remember him (SAW)
Who when asked
About The Lord
Recited the verses of
Surah Ikhlaas;
“Qul Hu WaAllahu Ahad.”

The perfect introduction
“…Of He who is the Eternal Refuge,
He who begets not,
Nor can be begotten,
And who has neither any equivalent.”

Remember him( AS)
Who when met with adversity
Called out to Rabb,
He who turned
The Fire to Coolness unearthed.

Remember him( AS)
Who called out to The One,
Within the dark acidic environs
Of vast belly of whale.
” There is No God,
Except You …
Verily I was of the transgressors.”
And with this prayer
He was pardoned
And ejected from digestive tract,
Laid to rest
On an barren land.
Where The Razzaq
Provided for his cure
Alleviating his throes.

Remember him and his wife ( AS)
Who both when dispelled from
The Heavens,
Were united by His Mercy
After years of solitude.

Remember him ( AS)
Who cried his eyes white,
For Yusuf (AS)
Who was cast out by
The jealous brothers’ might.
United again to His loving father and family,
He forgave the siblings
With the belief in His Just and Forgiving side.

Remember her (AS)
Who when left on the desert terrain,
Frantically searched
The Mounts
Of Safa and Marwa…
Her love and effort
The Loving One immortalized
For the believers
To re-enact
As a Shaa’ir Allah.

Remember The One
Who taught you to read?
Who lets you eat
And at night peacefully sleep.

Dr Hafsa Siddiqui


“Tale of Two Roses”

A watercolor painting that I painted deriving inspiration from a rose bush in my friend’s front yard.

“A Tale of Two Roses”

Amid the cascading green stems

And a collage of red petals ,

A pair of rose buds,

Entwine their emotions

Around each other.

One a young rose bud,

Innocent, fresh and inexperienced.

The other ; half opened and

Withered with a deeper hue of experience;

Similar – yet not the same,

They remind me of you and I.

Dr Hafsa Siddiqui











One glimpse of you,
And an array of colours,
Emanates from my heart,
Like a spectrum.
Breaking into a multitude
Of vibrant hues,
As seen on half covered sea shells,
Brought about by lapping tides.
Of pastel-hued pearls embedded between soft satin clams.
And the powdery glittering wings,
Of exotic butterflies
Fluttering their wings
Like your nonchalant blink,
Followed by a mischievous glint.
As the glimpse…
Behind that veil is lost
As half -lived as a wink.


Dr Hafsa Siddiqui