Dedicated to Ammi n all the buzurg (elderly) of our family.❤

“Decipher ”

I’d love to
Read the stories
Engraved in the wrinkles
Around your eyes
And your laugh lines.
I’d love to
Decode the toil
You have endured
Speaking volumes
On your callous hands.
I’d love to decipher
The pain in your old weary eyes.
I’d love to pray
And ease your
Years of hard work
In concealing
All of the encoded mysteries
Of your tired, sage soul.

Dr Hafsa Siddiqui


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I’ll walk
in your footsteps, Chacha.
I want to be protected
And see the light of day
Just like you do
With your cool
And nonchalance
For everything
That doesn’t
Or shouldn’t
Merit a dismay .
Years have lapsed
Since I walked
With my head in fog
And tread those footsteps
Etched in sand.
Feebleness now adorns
Your health
Dementia runs deep
In your crest.
I wonder
If I should
Trace again those footsteps
Etched in sand.

Dr Hafsa Siddiqui

February 2017