Like hands stretched out towards the sky,

The barren branches of the lonely woods,

Embrace the snowy miracle of the calm night.

—–Dr Hafsa Siddiqui

( Inspired by artwork done by Arooj Zaka)

Her artwork can be viewed on the link below:





Its stench
Pervades the desi senses,
Gnawing at the decency
Of blue collar workers.
Fathers indebted,
Brothers inheriting
The financial strain
Like a mutant gene
That appears dominant
In the evolution
Of backbreaking burden.
Passed from one generation
To another
Multiplying its effect.
Yet, never receeding in its hidden state.
The ugly trait of dowry;
Prevails still
In the sick society.

Dr Hafsa Siddiqui

“The Art of Bullshit”



Cow-dung has been since times immemorial, a fuel for creativity and innovation.
From the rural practice of slathering the foul smelling output from the rear ends of cattle for igniting the makeshift stove flame, to acting as a means of disgrace for any disagreeable offender, the multipurpose ‘cow-dung’ has been widely used.

More so , in recent times, the fascination of anything related to the hind quarters is of multiple lexical usage.

The fine merger of the use of language and the products of hind quarters goes back to ancient times.
Some may argue that it is in bad taste, which ofcourse it is. Since when are faecal contents meriting any aesthetical value , or God forbid, palatable for civility?

Yet, the vernacular of all languages boast of a golden ratio of this pertinent facet of life.

Dr Hafsa Siddiqui

“Tale of Two Roses”

A watercolor painting that I painted deriving inspiration from a rose bush in my friend’s front yard.

“A Tale of Two Roses”

Amid the cascading green stems

And a collage of red petals ,

A pair of rose buds,

Entwine their emotions

Around each other.

One a young rose bud,

Innocent, fresh and inexperienced.

The other ; half opened and

Withered with a deeper hue of experience;

Similar – yet not the same,

They remind me of you and I.

Dr Hafsa Siddiqui