“The Art of Bullshit”



Cow-dung has been since times immemorial, a fuel for creativity and innovation.
From the rural practice of slathering the foul smelling output from the rear ends of cattle for igniting the makeshift stove flame, to acting as a means of disgrace for any disagreeable offender, the multipurpose ‘cow-dung’ has been widely used.

More so , in recent times, the fascination of anything related to the hind quarters is of multiple lexical usage.

The fine merger of the use of language and the products of hind quarters goes back to ancient times.
Some may argue that it is in bad taste, which ofcourse it is. Since when are faecal contents meriting any aesthetical value , or God forbid, palatable for civility?

Yet, the vernacular of all languages boast of a golden ratio of this pertinent facet of life.

Dr Hafsa Siddiqui


“Tales of Horror”

As I eagerly lifted the lid of the steaming pot; I discovered that yogurt had been introduced in it. My Chinese style drumstick gravy had lumps of white swimming in it alongside numerous black semi circular structures- to my horror, it was the bagharr. I realized that Ammi had silently left the kitchen.