“Aching for Sunshine”

Aching for Sunshine

Trudging along a carpet of white,
In my snow boots I try to hide,
The forlorn footsteps of summer sprite.

The warmth of the sunshine,
With which your soul alights,
And summer fruits with colours, bright.

©Hafsa Siddiqui (2017)


Cotton Candy

“Cotton Candy”

The stuff
That little children dream of…
Pastel-hued and delicate.
The sweetness
That melts in your mouth
Even on a parched day.

Cotton candy wrapped
Around an ordinary cane
With stuff that dreams are made of.

Dr Hafsa Siddiqui

“Flu-ed” (a children’s poem)


Inside my house,
I’m flu-ed.
The phlegm inside,
My nose is glued.
Enough, Enough,
Cough, Cough!
Mum’s rubbing Vicks,
Somewhere between my feet and socks.

………. Dr Hafsa Siddiqui.



“Sights and Sounds of Winters” (From a Child’s perspective)

Dragging feet,

Shuffling sandals,

Coughing germs,

Winters in my house.

Sneezing green splashes,

Crumpled- used tissues,

Strewn on the floor,

Winters in my house,

Vicksy smell,

Stuffy nose,

Winters are here in my house.


…..Dr Hafsa Siddiqui