The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice

Separating her young legs,
His manliness found a way,
And she reciting the durood shareef,
Fought her senses
To get done with the incest.
Take me,
Not my sister.
The sacrifice.

© Dr Hafsa Siddiqui


Commentary: This poem that I wrote almost a year ago, was asked to be taken down due to its objectionable content. We adults need to wake up to  what exactly our kids are facing. If all things will be under the rug swept, then more distorted and unhealed stories will continue to be written. Speak now. Act now. Care now. It matters to a child.


4 thoughts on “The Sacrifice

  1. This matter is grave and indeed one of those dark realities that we choose to hide for no good reason. We need to protect our own children before anything happens to them.

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  2. The issue is no doubt, grave….. The solutions entail more than awareness.

    We need action, at all levels.
    Punitive, exemplary, concrete….

    Sadly, action is on the last priority, thus there are no results to be seen.

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  3. Heartbreaking issue spoiling many lives. Let us use our pens as weapons against such demoralization. Way to go, poetess.

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