I wonder if monsters
Ever have demons of their own.
Demons that plaque them…
Demons that creep
From under their bed.
Incubus or succubus
That call their name in sleep.
Medusa that turn to stone,
Their shocked bodies.
Or just ‘humans’
That beat the monsters
At their game.
Stalkers, serial killers, rapists,
Online predators …
Up to date.
So called ‘feminists’
That sling mud
Onto women that cannot hurt.
Cat- calling , Eve- teasing,
For tis’ the women are to blame.
Even monsters may have rules.
What to speak of mortals; fools.
Pedophiles lure the innocence,
To their darkest lairs.
Putting even demons to shame.


©Dr Hafsa Siddiqui (2018)


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