“Winter Apparel for Olivia Twist”


Winter Apparel for Olivia Twist

Like the snug fit
Of a woollen sweater,
An embrace to
Melt the icy chills.
The cozy warmth
Of a pashmina shawl
Or a soft muffler
Placing its soft touch
On my otherwise
Exposed head.
The intimate hug
Of a pair of gloves
That is there with you
For every task.
And a pair of socks
That will match your step
On every path
Twisted or paved;
Indoors or
Braving the storms
Howling outside.
Or perhaps
A colourful quilt
Or a fuzzy blanket
To comfortably
Sweep you to
Dreaming of foreign lands.
With my empty bowl
Waiting in queue
For a serving of
Pasty Porridge
In Dickens’ orphanage…
I wonder
Where might I be able
To get a winter apparel …
Once I do outgrow
The orphanage.


Dr Hafsa Siddiqui


“Fields Painted on An Evening Sky”

“Fields Painted on An Evening Sky”

Fields of amber, gold and orange,
Painted on a canvas of sky blue,
Alight the fire with the embers
Of stirred emotions
Like the waking up of desire
Just before the dawn of the night.

—-Dr Hafsa Siddiqui


This poem is inspired by a photograph by a kind soul, Sir Shehryar Khawar. The link is given below:

Balochistan….the land of harsh romance!