Height of Love

My brother’s stray cat lovingly brought a gift for him. Freshly hunted.

If the cat could speak, this is what he would have said to my brother

ترے عشق کی انتہا چاہتا ہوں
میری سادگی دیکھ کیا چاہتا ہوں

(اقبال سے معذرت کے ساتھ)





Its stench
Pervades the desi senses,
Gnawing at the decency
Of blue collar workers.
Fathers indebted,
Brothers inheriting
The financial strain
Like a mutant gene
That appears dominant
In the evolution
Of backbreaking burden.
Passed from one generation
To another
Multiplying its effect.
Yet, never receeding in its hidden state.
The ugly trait of dowry;
Prevails still
In the sick society.

Dr Hafsa Siddiqui