“Long Ride”


Passing by
Dark scrawny trees
Devoid of leaves,
The road
Cold and wet
Reminding me
The state of my heart.
And soul.

Dr Hafsa Siddiqui.

Photo credits : Mueen Kanwarimg-20170131-wa0065






“Frozen Lake Photography”

textgram_1485155160Her hand clicks away,
Holding her camera,
The serene beauty,
Capturing the nature,
Sprawled in snowy wonder.
The frozen lake,
By the fiery passion,
Of photographer’s eye.

“The Last Dental Appointment “


Little by little,
She pulls out all his teeth,
Wiping the oozing blood ,
From his bruised cheek.
Instead of technique,
The care she takes,
Heart felt defeat,
Measured in vengeance.
To drown out the bad memories.

……Dr Hafsa Siddiqui
( Inspired from a real life event mentioned in the news)