“Autopsy of a Woman’s Mind “


Take the scalpel of analysis,
Run it through the invisible seams of skin,
Digging in deeper ,
Till the blood pours forth,
In silent screams.
Section through the intellect,
Run your hands through,
Where her blood and mind has met.


“My Class” ( children’s poem)


My class is divided
Into two unequal rows
One for the girls
With curls
And pretty bows.
Another for the boys
With missing teeth
And dirty toes.
I like to imagine
The boys’ desks
Are off rowing
In an imaginary river
In a zig zag line
One desk at a time.

…………. Dr Hafsa Siddiqui






“The Poem on the Window Pane”


Grade four started
Just a month ago
And I dreaded the Urdu period
For it just wouldn’t go.
Dangling from a thin thread
My right sleeve button
On a brand new shirt
Was tugged by the teacher
In the Morning Assembly row.
Each word slides a twisted path
On the tongue
Before I can hear it myself.
I wonder if the teacher will be patient enough.
To let me explain an original thought.
Other children make fun
Of my stutter
I wish I could just curl behind
An invisible shutter.

By Dr Hafsa Siddiqui

” Dear Sania…”


Pick a memory,
String the thoughts,
Immortalize your love,
With the aid of words.
Even though you might think,
It amounts to naught.

For there might be a lesson,
For those who still have a chance.
To make amends,
And love more than they ought.