“Autopsy of a Woman’s Mind “


Take the scalpel of analysis,
Run it through the invisible seams of skin,
Digging in deeper ,
Till the blood pours forth,
In silent screams.
Section through the intellect,
Run your hands through,
Where her blood and mind has met.


“My Class” ( children’s poem)


My class is divided
Into two unequal rows
One for the girls
With curls
And pretty bows.
Another for the boys
With missing teeth
And dirty toes.
I like to imagine
The boys’ desks
Are off rowing
In an imaginary river
In a zig zag line
One desk at a time.

…………. Dr Hafsa Siddiqui







“The Poem on the Window Pane”


Grade four started
Just a month ago
And I dreaded the Urdu period
For it just wouldn’t go.
Dangling from a thin thread
My right sleeve button
On a brand new shirt
Was tugged by the teacher
In the Morning Assembly row.
Each word slides a twisted path
On the tongue
Before I can hear it myself.
I wonder if the teacher will be patient enough.
To let me explain an original thought.
Other children make fun
Of my stutter
I wish I could just curl behind
An invisible shutter.

By Dr Hafsa Siddiqui


“Sights and Sounds of Winters” (From a Child’s perspective)

Dragging feet,

Shuffling sandals,

Coughing germs,

Winters in my house.

Sneezing green splashes,

Crumpled- used tissues,

Strewn on the floor,

Winters in my house,

Vicksy smell,

Stuffy nose,

Winters are here in my house.


…..Dr Hafsa Siddiqui




“Over the Breakfast Table”


Twirling her memories,
In her cup of morning tea,
She thinks of daddy,
Her spark,
Wishing to be free…



” Dear Sania…”


Pick a memory,
String the thoughts,
Immortalize your love,
With the aid of words.
Even though you might think,
It amounts to naught.

For there might be a lesson,
For those who still have a chance.
To make amends,
And love more than they ought.