“The Missing Girl”

It never batters the senses,
Till its someone you know,
Still searching for hopes,
Laced with woes.
Emitting unwavering prayers,
Upon my family’s lips,
Now, combing : sewers, gutters,
Brothels and dumpsters.
Usurped from my abode,
My material being had for bode.
Mama said,”Don’t venture outside,
‘Tis not the era nor the better time.”
My fate was clandestine,
Found now…
Limbs un-united,
Soul dismembered.
They had even searched,
The Edhi shelters.
Shall my body be even granted,
A burial?
Lo! The Humanity has once again,
Been brutally uncensored.
by Dr Hafsa Siddiqui

“Brain Death”

Conciousness hovering,
Like a halo above my head,
No, it wasnt alcohol,
Ecstacy or hash.
Apototic nerve cells,
Its been diagnosed,
My life is now: enclosed.
These toxins inside me,
Howling, untold.
The medics remain hidden,
There is no cure.
“A new age disease”, they reason.
Of my personal bubonic plague.
Relentless screams,
My body aches.
Transcendence emerges,
I must accept,
Its called” fate”.

————– by Dr Hafsa Siddiqui


They stare at her,
With vulture eyes,
Tearing effortlessly,
What lies at the ocean basin,
While standing ,
Far ashore,
Its a fallacy,
That there is a soul,
Beneath the torn flesh,
One that can feel,
The touch-less, sense-less violence.

—-by Dr Hafsa Siddiqui